About Us

Seek for change is an organisation that seeks to provide a platform for all individuals across all backgrounds.
We build the confidence and skills of individuals and aim to empower everyone we work with to make positive and lasting changes in their lives.

History and Development

Seek for Change (SfC) was formed as a non-profit company in 2016 to support and advocate for disadvantaged women within the heart of Birmingham.

Since then we have helped over 70 women through a range of workshops and by offering 1-1 support. Support has consisted of housing needs, finance and budget, health and wellbeing. We have also assisted women to create new businesses and jobs and enabled women from the disadvantaged communities to start their journey to improve their health and well being, also become economically active.

We believe that when one woman is empowered we are all empowered; building momentum that will carry us all forward towards equality and economic and social success.

Seek for Change works with women from diverse communities and backgrounds enabling, assisting and empowering them to;

  • Develop their personal resilience
  • Participate fully in community life
  • Improve their health and social welling
  • Develop their skills and knowledge
  • Participate in learning, training and education opportunities which will improve their economic and social well being
  • Become economic active and independent through accessing employment, self-employment, social enterprise and volunteering opportunities
  • Become role models for their families and communities

Our Objective

Seek for Change will work closely with local women from disadvantaged backgrounds and introduce them to learning and development opportunities. This will enable them to develop their potential, and improve circumstances for themselves and for their families.

Our Mission Statement

Seek for Change provides personalised support to ensure every individual is aware of the opportunities available to them; equipping them to make well-informed choices and decisions.
Seek for Change is focused on working in partnership to maximise positivity, independence and open participation.

Our Values

We are committed to a positive environment in which everyone may experience a sense of belonging and worth.  We honour relationships and take responsibility for fostering trust, respect, and good will. We strive to make a difference in the lives of others.

Empowerment – We are a strength-based organisation.  We support, trust, and empower individuals to further the shared mission of Seek for Change.  We are committed to developing the confidence of every individuals talent and capabilities.

Integrity – We are trustworthy.  We are reliable, authentic, and loyal.  We do what we say we will do.  We have the courage to do the right thing.  We welcome accountability and conduct our business with honesty and transparency.

Respect – We honour the dignity, autonomy, and worth of each person.  We treat others the way we would want to be treated. We are considerate of each other’s feelings, values, and points of view.

Passion – Success does not come easily, it comes through hard work, dedication and passion. We are passionate about our business and are driven to excel in every aspect of our company.


The Board of Directors take responsibility for the overall governance of Seek for Change, including its policy, strategy, direction and forward planning. Governance is voluntary, and Governors include people whose skills, experience and personal qualities mark them out for management of the charity.


I had no focus or direction and was feeling very vulnerable. The Seek for Change programme enabled me to change my mindset. I now have focus and direction and set goals which I will achieve, I am a happier person


My dream was to set up my own business, Seek for Change provided me with tools to build confidence and integrate with like minded people. This enabled me to gain knowledge and expertise from other people on the programme and develop a business plan


Before joining the programme I was in a very bad place mentally, so many peaks and troughs. Seek for Change supported me to channel these feelings, it helped me to identify the difference between good relationships and bad relationships. I am now a more balanced individual and have unlocked the potential within me. Seek for Change has saved my life