Our Services

7 week structured programme

Week 1 – Personal Development
Week 2 – Emotional Intelligence
Week 3 – Health and Wellbeing
Week 4 – Preparing for Work
Week 5 – Legal Workshop
Week 6 – Bitesize workshop (catered for need)
Week 7 – Bitesize workshop and evaluation
Throughout the Programme clients will also receive one to one support as and when required

Personal Development


  • To help service users recognise assertive and passive behaviours.
  • To develop assertive body language.
  • To provide a supported session to enhance both Assertiveness and Confidence building.
  • Promote and recognise low assertiveness and confidence within the service users.


  • Recognise the link between assertiveness, confidence and self-esteem.
  • Overcome feelings of apprehension and understand the importance of language and body assertiveness.
  • Providing the service users with one to one and group sessions to develop the confidence and assertiveness within.
  • To monitor and establish the required support that may be needed if safe guarding is raised as an issue.

Emotional Intelligence


  • To gain knowledge of how emotions shape who we are, how we relate to others and how to improve relationships.
  • To improve interpersonal and intra-personal skills, adaptability, stress management and overall mood.


  • Develop self awareness and self management of personal emotions
  • Recognise emotions in others and respond to these emotions in order to inspire.

Health and Wellbeing


  • To increase awareness of the benefits of health, exercise and wellbeing.
  • To provide health and sport taster sessions.
  • To maintain Health and Well being by promoting positive approaches through educational needs.
  • Offer supported sessions with Qualified Instructors.
  • Built a trusting rapport between the Seek For Change staff member and service user with both transparency and confidentiality.


  • Explore the relationship between mental and physical health.
  • Develop opportunities and support structures that lead to increasing physical and mental wellbeing participation.
  • To establish partnership with external agencies to collaboratively promote services to improve Health and Well being for the service user.
  • To be able to monitor any Health Related issues once identified to ensure we safeguard the service user.

Employability Skills


  • To assist service users in developing employability skills and personal qualities to gaining and sustaining employment.
  • To enable them to be able to seek employment independently.
  • To lead confident lives.
  • To give a tailored soft skills focus to service users that benefits CV building and job interview support to ensure that they are work ready.
  • To establish authentic partnership to enable required needs to be met.


  • Identify and evaluate the skills and qualities that service users need to develop in order to improve their employability prospects.
  • Identify and describe a chosen career path and steps required to achieve.
  • Carry out consistent SMART analysis to ensure measurability in order to enhance the skill set users want to achieve.
  • To ensure that the session carried out aligns and meets individual needs.

Women Empowerment Programme

Our workshops aim to improve your knowledge, skills, confidence and motivation through addressing a range of topics related to the difficulties and hardships you may have faced. The workshops are designed to be as useful as possible; empowering you with practical knowledge, coping mechanisms and ways to move forward. There is some teaching, some group exercises and lots of discussion which we encourage all women attending to take part in. Workshops are four hours in length and provided during school hours in term-time. They are designed as a series of workshops and, to get maximum benefit, it is recommended that you attend all seven.

Examples of previous workshop titles include

Personal Development, Emotional Intelligence, Health and Wellbeing, Preparing for Work and Legal workshops

Outreach Services

Seek for Change offers a tailored outreach flexible service to families, single people, vulnerable people. We provide early intervention and preventative support packages to help people whose circumstances have become difficult. Support is confidential and ranges from emotional to practical support and can occur regularly or as often as needed.

We aim to connect with women with multiple and complex needs (such housing, health including mental health, financial) who are living in the community, often in hostels or ‘sofa surfing’ with friends, and work with them to address these needs to achieve more stable, positive and satisfying lives. The Outreach Team provides a service to women who would otherwise be hard for services to reach, leaving them leading chaotic and vulnerable lives which may damage not only themselves and those close to them but the wider community. In helping these women, the effect of our work radiates outwards to improve the society in which all of us live.

What is outreach Support

Outreach service is person centered and flexible service which enables clients to control their support. Support is confidential and ranges from emotional to practical support .  Support can occur regularly or as a as when need service.

Who can access Outreach Service

Any woman that is disadvantaged, vulnerable, has or is suffering from domestic abuse.

Service includes:
  • Building self-confidence and independence
  • Advice on housing rights and responsibilities
  • Welfare rights and legal support
  • Assistance when applying for hardships loans
  • Help with budgeting, paying debts
  • Resettlement Skills
  • Assistance in finding work / voluntary work
  • Assistance with accessing training or education
  • Referrals to other relevant agencies

Youth Activism

Our workshops are focused around children and young people understanding and valuing their communities.

These workshops will support young people during the transition from play to youth and help build life skills in an informal and fun environment. The young people get an opportunity to take an active role in their provision which can include various activities such as drama, overcoming shyness, building self-confidence, digital media/social media, social an inter-personal skills, music, trips and sports.

These workshops will address issues faced by young people in a fun and engaging way to give them the confidence and support to move through adolescence. All staff are DBS checked and will offer a safe open environment that provides an opportunity for young people to seek support and guidance.

Elderly Services

Forthcoming Service