Our Objective

Seek for Change will work closely with local women from disadvantaged backgrounds and introduce them to learning and development opportunities. This will enable them to develop their potential, and improve circumstances for themselves and for their families.

Mission Statement

Seek for Change provides personalised support to ensure every service user is aware of the opportunities available to them; equipping them to make well-informed choices and decisions.

Seek for Change is focused on working in partnership to maximise positivity, independence and open participation.  A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.

Our Programmes & Services

7 Week Empowerment Programme

Outreach Services

Youth Activism

The Elderly

  • We help women build self-confidence and independence.

  • We advice on housing rights and responsibilities.

  • We provide welfare rights and legal support.

  • We provide assistance in finding work, paid/unpaid.

  • We provide assistance with accessing training or education.

  • We help with personal budgeting & paying debts.

  • We provide resettlement skills assistance.

  • We give referrals to other relevant agencies.

  • We provide assistance on applying for hardships loans.

  • We help women to overcome adversity and make them confident again.